BOPIS Lockers for Retail and Grocery Stores

Improve Your Customer Satisfaction

Imagine a convenient, fast, and safe “In-Store Pick-up” option for your customers as well as your staff! Customers who buy online love the satisfaction of getting their hands on their purchased products by choosing “In-Store Pick” and avoid shipping cost but they are not a fan of standing in-line at your cashiers waiting for your staff to locate their items. With 30 years of technology background and having created many advanced systems, we know how to streamline processes and improve customer satisfaction. Choose us as your partner and never look back.

Package Nexus secure click-and-collect Smart Lockers allow shoppers to buy online and pick-up in store (BOPIS) without involving your staff.

Increase Proficiency

Increase Proficiency

Allow your staff to safely store the package within a few seconds in our smart lockers and forget about it and move on to the next customer, next order.

Indoor, Outdoor, or Drive Thru

Indoor, Outdoor, or Drive Thru

It’s all up to you how proficient and convenient you want your smart lockers to be. Package Nexus can support you all the way. We are sure your customers will love to pick up their items by just cruising your Drive-Thru.

Exceed Customer’s Expectations

Exceed Customer’s Expectations

Your customers will thank you when they realize they can get their packages fast and be on their way without standing in lines or waiting.

Exceed Customer’s Expectations

Be More Competitive

Streamlined operations and higher customer satisfaction lead to competitive advantage for your retail shop.


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