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Package Nexus is a B2B business bringing simplicity, reliability, and customer satisfaction to the chaotic process of parcel management in multifamily properties, groceries and retail markets, pharmacies, college and corporate campuses among others.

Our objective is to simplify the lives of our clients and their customers while simultaneously allowing them to streamline their processes and maximize business success.

Our mission is to:

  • Accept 100% of the packages sent to consumers,
  • Lose 0% of the packages,
  • Deliver 100% of the packages without forcing your customers to create a customer support ticket,
  • Deliver value by increasing customer satisfaction.
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The World’s Most Advanced Smart Package Lockers that Compensates for User Errors

Package Nexus Invented Advanced Patent Protected Technology for the Common Problems All other Parcel Locker companies are plagued by:

  • 30% Missing Packages or Empty Lockers
  • 20% Invalid Pick-up Codes because the recipient of the package decided to come back to Pick Up, or accidentally Closed the Door, or went to the Wrong Kiosk
  • 7% Missing Delivery Notifications
  • Ability to Deliver and Pick-up Packages even when Internet is Down
  • Package Nexus has Invented the Only Smart Locker that Can Sense All Packages including Thin Packages, Dry Cleaning, and Refrigeration
  • Say Goodbye to Difficult and Error-Prone Delivery and Pick-up Work-flows caused by User-Errors
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Product Comparison

  Package Nexus Luxer One Parcel Pending Package Concierge
Proprietary Design: Unique Design & Technology (Call Us to Learn More!) No No No
CPU: True Industrial Grade, Fan-less Computer with SSD Consumer Grade iPad Prototype Grade Commercial Grade
Monitor: 15″ Industrial Grade Touch-Screen 7″ Consumer Grade iPad 7″ Low Grade 15″ Touch-Screen
Infra-red Sensors: Package Nexus Smart Lockers are equipped with advanced Sensors to monitor Parcels No Yes (Rudimentary) No
Ability to Sense Thin/Flat: Package Nexus Smart Lockers are equipped with advanced Sensors to monitor Flat Packages No No No
Overflow Lockers: Advanced Overflow Feature for Busy Seasons (any Locker can be turned into Overflow – On/Off) Yes (Rudimentary) No No
ADA Compliant Keypad: Separate physical ADA Braille Keypad No Yes No
1D/2D Bar-code Reader: Separate Industrial Grade Bar-code Reader from Honeywell Built-in Camera in iPad Yes Yes
Refrigerated Lockers: Offers Refrigerated Smart Lockers with Stainless Steals Compartments Yes (Single Door) Yes No
Freezer Lockers: Offers Freezer Smart Lockers with Stainless Steals Compartments No No No
Locker Size: 62 Cubic Feet (44% larger, get more for the same price) 44 43 44
Smart Work-flow: Most Advanced and Easy to use Work-flow in the Market Error Prone Work-flow Error Prone Work-flow Error Prone Work-flow
Database: Most Advanced, and Secure Commercial Grade Database System Open Source Database Open Source Database Open Source Database
App: Secure, Compiled (Computerized Code, No Plain Text), and Commercial Grade Platform Open Source and Non-Secure Open Source and Non-Secure Open Source and Non-Secure
Usage Charges: No User Registration Fee, nor Monthly, or any other Fees (No Credit Card needed) No (mostly) Yes No (mostly)
Smart Locker’s Very Common Issues
No Package Issue: Users will Not open a locker that is Empty (known as Empty Locker issue in the Industry) Yes Yes Yes
Lost Packages: Users will Not wonder where their packages are (known as Ghost Delivery in the Industry) Yes Yes Yes
Bad Pick-up Codes: Users will Not experience Expired Pick-up Code issues (known as Invalid Pick-up Code in the Industry) Yes Yes Yes
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