Five things you didn’t know about Smart Package Lockers

Smart Package lockers are on the rise as it helps in secure package and proper organizing of parcels that helps both the end-user as well as the property managersFor a multifamily property manager it would a tedious task as package deliveries are pouring into their communities each day. The rise in e-commerce, online shopping is soaring. The parcel delivery has grown from $270 billion in 2015 to $4 trillion (yup, you heard it right!!!) in 2020. In the US alone, we can expect 300 million online shoppers by 2023 (which is 91% of the country’s population).Property managers know that handling deliveries are a tedious task as they distract the time away from managing the properties, serving the residents and getting new occupancies. Delivery issues, stolen packages are two of the main problems faced by managers as there has been an increased number of complaints by residents.One way to avoid such problems is by using the smart parcel lockers. Secure packages for the residents by using electronic smart lockers that accept deliveries, inform the recipients and allow easy self-service pick-up 24/7. So, how exactly do they work? Here are 5 things you (probably) don’t know about smart parcel lockers.

They are State-of-the-art

Unlike your high school gym locker, package delivery locker systems are high-tech and are built using software and hardware technologies that enable safe and secure package delivery through courier agents. They assign a locker and associated code through which they will securely place the package in the locker. A code is immediately texted to the user’s mobile which needs to be used to open the specified locker to retrieve the package.

Can be placed indoors and outdoors

Though many initial package locker implementations were installed indoors, other communities needed parcel lockers for an outdoor area. Parcel locker companies such as Package Nexus have created both indoor and outdoor smart lockers for many organizations.

They look cool, literally!!!

Many FMCG companies and food stores need refrigerated lockers for the proper organizing of perishable items. For instance, foods (fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, dairy products, etc.) and beverages (milk, cream, fruit, vegetable juices), pre-packed meal kits, frozen foods, medications, flowers, etc. need to be kept in systematic order in refrigerated lockers.

Smart parcel lockers report directly to the property managers.

Today’s smart parcel lockers can be tracked and the property managers can get the information about their use. These data include the number and type of deliveries, when the package was delivered and picked up. It can help property managers structure the resources and optimize the revenue. Innovative package lockers such as Package Nexus feature in-built software that offers integrated reporting and analysis.

Attractive and efficient

Providing convenient package lockers attract residents, customers and enhance the overall satisfaction that can be influential for all businesses, commercial and residential purposes.Want to know more about maintaining a secure package lockers? Contact us at (858) 201-3412.

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