Package Nexus Introduces SMART LOCKER SOLUTIONS for the RETAIL Space

Package Nexus, the technology leader and provider of Smart Lockers in the U.S., today announced the addition of the Retail Module to their suite of Intelligent Lockers for the North American market.

This brand new product is immediately available for deployment.

Retailers can increase their operational efficiency of their fulfillment processes and increase customer’s satisfaction at the same time by using state-of-the-art Smart Lockers designed, manufactured, and operated by Package Nexus.

For the consumers all over the country, In-Store Pickup combines the convenience and ease of online shopping with the promptness of the shopping experience at brick and mortar retailers. While most retailers either have or are planning to offer some kind of In-Store Pickup service to their customers, it has been revealed that doing it the traditional way isn’t any more efficient than just buying in-store. A study by the iVend Retail found that 92% of the shoppers want the retailers to improve their In-Store Pickup processes. Package Nexus Retail Solutions is providing a convenience and automated process for the consumers to purchase online and pickup their items locally 24/7.

We understand that the brand recognition and customer loyalty is extremely important for the retailers and Package Nexus Smart Lockers Retail Solutions have been built with the ease of customization and branding in mind. Retailers have the flexibility to display their custom wrap, color, and even their logo that matches their identity.

Over the past 5 years, online shopping has been the fastest growing segment of the entire retail market and this trend is expected to grow even faster in 2018 than the previous years. Package Nexus Smart Lockers are the perfect choice for the retailers to:

  • Enhance their efficiency,
  • Increase customer satisfaction and
  • Improve customer loyalty.

Package Nexus Smart Lockers are designed to be fully integrated into the retailer’s internal systems so the orders would automatically flow to the right Smart Locker and allows the staff to easily and efficiently fulfill the orders.

About Package Nexus

Package Nexus ( is the global technology leader and provider of Smart Lockers for efficient and simplified package management for the multifamily communities, retailers, universities, corporate offices, and more. Package Nexus unique solutions helps property, store, and office managers to improve their operations, reduce operating cost, and increase customer satisfaction at the same time. Package Nexus offers its entire suite of solutions throughout North America.

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