Refrigerated Lockers for Fresh Groceries

February 5, 2018 — Package Nexus, the technology leader and provider of Intelligent Parcel Lockers to Multifamily Properties, Retailers, Grocery Stores, Corporate Office Buildings has added refrigerated lockers to its suite of Smart Lockers 2.0.

The temperature-controlled smart locker spaces are cooled to 34-44 degrees Fahrenheit, maintaining perishable food, beverages, and drugs fresh for a longer period of time. Not every delivered package can be stored in a regular parcel locker. Delivery personal can choose between regular and refrigerated lockers when delivering a package. Our large and medium sized refrigerated lockers are specifically engineered to maintain a constant temperature for highly secured and well preserved fresh food storage.

High demand for refrigerated lockers is driven by growing online grocery sales, estimated to reach $9.4 billion year, according to research made by IBISWorld. Grocery shopping has never been more convenient, the Package Nexus Delivery System is available 24/7 for customers to pick up their grocery’s at their leisure. Customers simply order online and select desired locker location for delivery and that’s it! An email/text will be sent to the customer with locker access authentication details once goods are ready for pickup. The key to our successful innovation is combining a proven, reliable, secure smart locker system with a suite of sophisticated software allowing for complete scalability, high availability and redundancy as well as a range of “Apps” and/or “APIs” to be used by on-line or traditional retailers, logistics and parcel delivery companies and customers picking up groceries.

If you are managing a multifamily property, grocery shop, or a retail store, and your customers want to receive fresh groceries the same way they receive other packages, please contact Package Nexus for more details and free quote. Let’s find out what Package Nexus Smart Lockers 2.0 can do for you and your customers! You will be amazed!

About Package Nexus Package Nexus ( is the global technology leader and provider of Smart Lockers for efficient and simplified package management for the multifamily communities, retailers, universities, corporate offices, and more. Package Nexus unique solutions helps property, store, and office managers to improve their operations, reduce operating cost, and increase customer satisfaction at the same time. Package Nexus offers its entire suite of solutions throughout North America.

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