Package Nexus SMART LOCKERS now accept Package Deliveries that require Signature

Today Package Nexus, the technology leader and provider of Intelligent Lockers in the U.S. announced they have upgraded their Smart Parcel Lockers to accept signature of the package recipients at the time of the package pickup.

If the sender of a package has specified that a signature is required, this usually means you cannot authorize the release of this package or parcel without a signature. With the release of Signature Capture functionality in Package Nexus Smart Parcel Lockers, couriers now can check the signature box at the time of the delivery, which will require the recipients of the package to sign on the touch screen before they can pick up their package. The signature will be saved in a secure database and can be accessed by authorized staff and the recipient of the package if there are any issues.

Signature Required For Parcel Delivery Signature Required

Missed parcel deliveries cost a lot of money to all parties involved. Couriers have to come back again to the same address to deliver the package and hopefully there is an adult to sign for the package. Recipients of the packages have to wait another day or two and be home to get their packages just because a signature was required for the delivery to happen. When you work with Package Nexus Smart Locker Delivery System, missed deliveries just because of signature are a thing of the past.

Package Nexus Smart Parcel Lockers are optimized for package delivery as well as package pickup. Carriers are provided with a unique and secret access code to the Smart Lockers to deliver a package in less than 15 seconds compared with up to 5 minutes package delivery to the door. Package Nexus cuts delivery costs by over 75% and provides convenience and security to online shoppers even when a signature is required.

About Package Nexus Package Nexus ( is the global technology leader and provider of Smart Lockers for efficient and simplified package management for the multifamily communities, retailers, universities, corporate offices, and more. Package Nexus unique solutions helps property, store, and office managers to improve their operations, reduce operating cost, and increase customer satisfaction at the same time. Package Nexus offers its entire suite of solutions throughout North America.

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