Package Nexus Smart Locker 2.0 Advanced Technology

Package Nexus utilizes technology to keep packages organized & secure. Our technology includes the most up-to-date Kiosk, a Barcode Scanner, a RFID Reader, and Advanced Work-flows.

Package Nexus Smart Locker 2.0 Advanced Technology

Package Nexus is the industry leader when it comes to technology. Package Nexus is built on the latest and greatest Microsoft Technology:

  • Most sophisticated and Advanced Microsoft Server Platform,
  • Latest .NET Technology,
  • Advanced Microsoft SQL Server Back-end,
  • All applications are compiled (transformed) to Computer Binary Code resulting in a fast and 100% secure code, so nobody can see any parts of the code to attack the systems. You can’t attack something you don’t see!
  • Secured and Encrypted Database,
  • Powerful Touch screen Technology,
  • Robust Industrial Grade Computer Hardware,
  • Redundant Internet Connectivity,
  • 99.9% Functional even when Internet is Down,
  • Secure Connection between Smart Lockers and the Cloud.

Package Nexus Smart Lockers 2.0 gives you the freedom of mind knowing that your Intelligent Parcel Lockers are not built and maintained using Open Source Technology.

Why Package Nexus Smart Lockers?

The Package Nexus Smart Locker 2.0 solution is the technology leader in smart locker industry that provides an optimal solution for unattended package delivery. It is a fully customizable, cloud-based, and scalable electronic package delivery system that gives you your peace of mind.

The Package Nexus Smart Locker 2.0

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