Smart office lockers
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Smart Parcel Lockers for Commercial Offices, Corporations, and Factories

Mail Room Solutions for Modern EnterprisesMail Room Solutions for Modern Enterprises

Package Nexus provides fully customizable commercial lockers for office buildings. Our Smart Parcel Lockers simplify package deliveries for your Offices.

Productivity & Employee Satisfaction

Mail Room Solutions for Modern Enterprises

These days many companies offer incredible perks such as unlimited PTO, free gym membership, laundry drop-off and delivery, fully stacked kitchen, drive-by dentistry, free on-site spa services, to attract and retain top talents.With Package Nexus Smart Lockers, employers can kill two birds with one stone: improve your employee’s satisfaction and increase productivity of your mail room’s daily package handling.Package Nexus offers companies, colleges, banks, and other organizations the opportunity of creating a dynamic and agile package management network with exclusive access for their employees and members.Our Smart Locker solutions for the office and commercial environment automates the package handling process, reduces the time and effort your mail room staff spends managing incoming and outgoing packages, improves the interdepartmental mail and package exchanges allowing every employee or member to send, receive, and share mails, items, and packages in a simple but extremely efficient way without needing to call, schedule an appointment or meet.You can elevate the productivity of your mail room, while providing your employees with a useful amenity that boosts morale and retains talents.

Fast & Seamless Package Delivery

Companies and offices face many efficiency challenges including rising labour and real estate costs, increasing number of packages resulting in low productivity and lack of storage space, inflexibility, and declining moral. Package Nexus Smart Lockers offers innovative innovative solutions for these common challenges. Increase your staff’s productivity by reducing their workload. Whatever your needs are, Package Nexus is here to help you.

Fast and Seamless Package Delivery
Supervision and Traceability of Resources

Supervision and Traceability
of Resources

Package Nexus ensures easy package tracking of your valuable resources and optimizes your space usage. Package Nexus software keeps track of all activities and automatically notifies involved parties. It also generates reports and allows management to monitor and control resources.

Happier Employees

Allowing your employees receiving their packages at work without worrying about their packages makes your employees happier and gives them peace of mind at work, resulting in higher productivity.

Happier Employees
Employee work/life balance

Ordering online and receiving package for work and/or private life is now part of our lives. Being able to receive packages at work gives employees freedom of mind so they can focus on their work.

Cost savings

Several studies have shown that managing and delivering 20 parcels take 2 hours. This time that the staff has to spend delivering parcels to employees can be redirected to more productive business activities which can bring significant cost savings over the long haul.


Getting packages from smart parcel lockers is a breeze and cannot be easier or more convenient. Once a package is placed in the smart parcel lockers, employee receives a Pickup Code and/or a barcode that can be used at the package lockers to retrieve the parcels.


Delivery of parcels into Smart Parcel Lockers is fast and once a delivery has happened, the parcel is held securely until it is collected by their intended recipient.

Health and safety

The arrival of Covid and other viruses is yet another reason for having Smart Parcel Lockers in your offices. Package Nexus Smart Parcel Lockers eliminate the need of a person to person contact during the handover of goods such as office equipment, paperwork together with inbound and outbound parcels.

Parcels and regular mail

Package Nexus Smart Parcel Lockers are the only and patented solution for all your parcels as well as standard mail delivery to employees. It doesn’t matter what the size and shape of the item, Package Nexus Smart Lockers is the right solution for your needs.

Why Package Nexus

Package Nexus is the global technology leader and provider of The World's Most Advanced Smart Parcel Lockers for efficient and most simplified package management for multifamily communities, retailers, universities, libraries, corporate offices, groceries, and more. Package Nexus unique and patented technology offers a fix for human errors at the time of package deliveries and pickups. Package Nexus solutions help property, store, and office managers to improve their operations, reduce operating costs, and increase customer satisfaction at the same time. Package Nexus offers its entire suite of solutions globally.