Single Family Home

Regardless of Single Family or Multi-Family home, Package Lockers from Package Nexus are great additions to your homes.

Package Nexus Package Lockers can:

  • Help you getting organized much easier,
  • Keep your packages and belongings secure and dust free,
  • Give you easy access to them whenever you need them,
  • Keep dangerous items like guns out of reach for your children.

Package Lockers for homes from Package Nexus can help you keep things tidy. Use them for storing your tools, off-season items, or the most valuables you have.

Add unique storage lockers and cabinets to your home, or garage. You can organize supplies, games, and tuck away sports equipment, or let visitors store their valuables in them. Lockers come in several different colors and styles to fit the aesthetic of your home. 

At Package Nexus, you can find the perfect sizes of lockers to fit your space and storage needs. Lockers with adjustable shelving and multiple shelves, as well as multi-tier designs and internal ceiling hooks, can accommodate a wide variety of items of different widths, heights and shapes. Many of the lockers we offer feature concealed heavy-duty hinges, a recessed hasp and a lift-up handle for added protection. 

For many metal lockers and storage cabinets, only minor assembly is required, though some models require more assembly.

Why Package Nexus

Package Nexus is the global technology leader and provider of The World's Most Advanced Smart Parcel Lockers for efficient and most simplified package management for multifamily communities, retailers, universities, libraries, corporate offices, groceries, and more. Package Nexus unique and patented technology offers a fix for human errors at the time of package deliveries and pickups. Package Nexus solutions help property, store, and office managers to improve their operations, reduce operating costs, and increase customer satisfaction at the same time. Package Nexus offers its entire suite of solutions globally.