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24/7 Automated Prescription Pick Up

24/7 Automated
Prescription Pick Up

Package Nexus developed Smart Kiosks to allow patients to order prescriptions and healthcare products online or over the phone and pick up securely and safe 24/7. Package Nexus Pharmacy Kiosks lets your pharmacy staff to take care of your patients by maintaining quality control of prescription filling, while Package Nexus Smart Pharmacy Kiosk take care of the mundane tasks such as storage, tracking, communication with patients, and pick-up of the prescriptions and healthcare products.

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Smart Pharmacy Kiosks Reduce Waiting Times
Smart Pharmacy Kiosks

Reduce Waiting Times

Package Nexus Pharmacy Smart Lockers reduce waiting times for your patients. Prescribed medications or ordered healthcare products are delivered to Smart Pharmacy Lockers free of charge to patients and customers. Your local community pharmacy could soon have it’s very own ATM for Drugs. Patients and customers receive a digital notification to collect their medications from a specified locker once dispensed by their pharmacist.

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Convenience for Patients

Convenience for Patients

Automated Pharmacy Smart Lockers are a convenient prescription pickup solution for patients in a number of settings. 24/7 access, shift workers, late discharge patients, and rural area patients benefit from a self-service will call providing easy and secure access to their medications at their earliest convenience.

Why Package Nexus

Package Nexus is the global technology leader and provider of The World's Most Advanced Smart Parcel Lockers for efficient and most simplified package management for multifamily communities, retailers, universities, libraries, corporate offices, groceries, and more. Package Nexus unique and patented technology offers a fix for human errors at the time of package deliveries and pickups. Package Nexus solutions help property, store, and office managers to improve their operations, reduce operating costs, and increase customer satisfaction at the same time. Package Nexus offers its entire suite of solutions globally.